Work Day 4th November 2017

A team of three set-to on the LCP and T86 cabins on Saturday and more progress was made.

The simulator was also run up for some card testing and its regular serviceability check. After some initial errors from the display system (CHARGE) the simulator settled down and was serviceable. CHARGE errors look to be down to connector cleaning on card edge connectors which will be done next week. We have found that our saviour on many occasions has been Hosa CAIG DeoxIT GOLD Contact Enhancer Spray; expensive but it does get results. Note to ex T86 guys ….  edge connectors are cleaned with the correct fluids and not an eraser which I remember was common practice on the filter bank to such an extent that the gold plated connections on the PCB’s were no longer gold plated!

The four lifting eyes for the cabin have been refitted after refurbishing. The top edge of the lifting eye has had weatherproof sealant applied to prevent water ingress and hence preventing further corrosion on the inside face of the lifting eyes. See in the accompanying images. All corrosion is treated before any item is refitted.

LCP Lifting Eyes 1wm.jpg

LCP Lifting Eyes 2wm.jpg

Dave and Neil had the trickiest job as they carried on with fabricating a new plywood floor for the T86. The front section of the cabin is now complete and the rear section, under the pedestal, will be tackled next Saturday. The challenge with the flooring is removing the original, corroded, securing bolts and cutting to size to fit the wheel arches, under the console, etc. Images show the removal of the original floor, what was left of it, work in progress and the new floor in place.

T86 Old Floorwm.jpg

T86 New Floor 1wm.jpg

T86 New Floor 2wm.jpg