Work Day 11th November 2017

Launch Control Post
On the previous running of the simulator it displayed graphic controller (CHARGE) errors on the system monitor (FT81), as a consequence the simulator failed to boot. These were intermittent errors which indicated the usual problem of poor edge/back plane connections between a card connector and chassis connector(s). Saturday started with a connector clean-up which consists using isopropanol to remove any dirt and once that has dried DeOxit Gold is applied to all gold plated contacts. The cards treated this way on Saturday were the PeriBus Serial to Parallel converter, PeriBus terminator and the two installed High Speed Serial interface cards that drive the graphic controllers, all part of the Argus Analogue input/output box. Following the contact cleaning the simulator was run up without any errors, soak tested for an hour and remains serviceable.

Type 86 Radar
Renewing the floor continues apace and this Saturday it was cutting out the floor sections to fit behind the transmitter, under the pedestal. The original plywood floor was bolted through metal cabin floor so before the new floor is laid these badly corroded bolts have to be cut out. Unscrewing the nuts on the underside of the floor is not possible due to corrosion (again).  The image below shows floor bolt removal, Neil gets all the best jobs!

T86 Rear Floor wm.jpg

As seen here a start was also made on removing corrosion from one of the cabin wheels.

T86 Wheel wm.jpg

To fit the floor in the rear section of the cabin we need to raise the pedestal a few inches, it is currently part retracted. The original three phase motor that drove the pedestal retraction mechanism cannot be used, a) we do not have a three phase supply and b) the motor is too badly corroded and is locked solid.

The pedestal gear box can be hand driven up and down, we have the right sized drive socket, courtesy of Dave S, but  in trying to raise the pedestal we experienced drive chain slippage. Looks to be a problem with not enough tension. The chain has tension adjustors so a task for next Saturday.

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