Work Day 25th November 2017

It was a case of sorting out one of the ‘I need to get around to it’ jobs on Saturday and that was fitting rubber pads to the load bearing points on the LCP axles. The axles are a BMPG modification that enable the LCP to be moved short distances without the need for a crane and a low loader! The first photo shows an axle end in position, it was taken a while ago so illustrates the condition of the LCP before refurbishment began.

Axle Fitted wm.jpg

The second photo shows an axle end with the new pads fitted.

LCP Axle Rubber Pads wm.jpg
T86 Radar
Yet more of the same for a few weeks now on the T86, work continues on replacing the wooden floor under the pedestal. Hopefully next week will see the end of this job. Enough photos of this job have been provided previously.