Work Day 2nd December 2017

The axles have now been refitted to the LCP and that is where they will stay for the foreseeable future. A task delayed on Saturday as one of the mounting eye bolts required re tapping. The wheels are now clear of the ground to avoid the possibility of ‘flat spots’. The two images below show the fitted axles.

LCP Axle Detail WM.jpg

LCP Axles Fitted wm.jpg

Further work commenced on the internals of the LCP and attention has turned to the inside of the main cabin door. At some time in the past masking tape had been used to fix a cover over the door vent. Trying to remove this tape also removed the paint. Not a problem as the plan is to rub down and repaint the inside of the door.

The Engagement Controller’s emergency exit  door also has the remains of masking tape; the inside of this door will also be repainted. Note, the louvre for the door vent has yet to be fitted.

LCP Door - Inside wm.jpg

The simulator was run up and remains serviceable.

Work on replacing the plywood floor continues. Hopefully this will be completed next week.