Work Day 13th January 2018

Peter Jones, ex T87/86 radar engineer, joined the team at Cosford and his contribution will be invaluable as we strive to complete the T86 cabin restoration by this coming summer. To start the year the team undertook a general clean up and sort out, part of this activity was to move the T86 aerial transportation cage to give access to the rear of the T86 cabin for the first time.

Pete J received his first introduction to running the simulator in the LCP and he, along with Pete M, tested some ‘suspect’ Argus cards to confirm their condition, serviceable or unserviceable. A mixed result from the card testing and unfortunately our spare memory cards were all found to be unserviceable. Some further work was carried out on the engagement controller’s door in preparation for a repaint. The simulator continues to be serviceable and here’s a photo of the display console taken on Saturday.

LCP Simulator running wp.jpg

I need to carry out a complete audit of all our A700 cards so we know what we have, both ‘S’ and ‘U/S’.

The replacement of the radar floor continues with work being carried out fettling the many small pieces of plywood that fit around racks and wheel arches. Everyone admires the woodworking skills of the team involved, Dave, Neil and Ian who is our expert fettler with the smaller pieces. Once all the floor pieces fit together they will form a massive jigsaw. Before the new floor can be finished the plywood will be lifted so that the metal base of the cabin can be repainted, the plywood also treated and finally a new vinyl covering fitted. The photo below shows the completed plywood floor in the main cabin area.

T86 New Floor wp.jpg

The covers of the Ward Leonards were removed and we found that their physical condition was good, they received a good brush and vac to remove long dead insect life, twigs and general cobwebs. Dirt being removed with a clean with white spirit. The pedestal covers were removed along with fittings from the rear of the cabin for refurbishment.


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