Work Day 20th January 2018

The work carried out on Saturday was all about further preparation for repainting the T86 and Pete J did sterling work on the door side and rear of the cabin. Unlike the LCP the condition of the existing paint on the T86 cabin is good. Perhaps one reason for this is that all joints on the T86 cabin were covered with a glass fibre tape which prevented water incursion in to the joints and hence prevented the lifting of paint as was the case with the LCP which has no taped joints on its cabin.

A lot of this tape has come away so needs replacing but does anyone know exactly what it is? This photograph shows the construction of the tape, it is glass fibre with a glass/resin coating or fixing. I suspect the resin was applied to the tape on fixing as the tape was flexible when applied. The tape is thin 0.5mm, 1mm max, It’s 50mm wide.

Joint sealing Tape wm.JPG

Photos below show the side and rear of the T86 cabin prepared for a repaint. Note the poor condition of the transmitter reflector on which not much paint remains, I suspect mainly due to no good fibre glass primer being available in the 1960’s!

T86 Door Side Cabin wm.jpg


T86 Cabin Rear and Ae Assembly wm.jpg

The photo of the rear of the cabin shows the Ward Leonards covered in plastic sheet to protect them from dust and paint. No attempt is being made to remove them for now.

As we get down to preparing the T86 cabin it will identify any areas of corrosion that will need treating. Often corrosion is hidden away as can be seen on the photo of a close up of the cable outlet on the  rear of the cabin.

T86 Cabin Cable Outlet Corrosion wm.jpg

Back next week ….