Work Day 27th January 2018

All work on Saturday was focused on the T86. The LCP did get a vacuum out though which smartened up the rubber mats.

T86 Cabin Rear Wall
Pete J set to with a drift screw remover to remove the rusted screws securing the clamps for the running lights cables on the rear of the cabin. The metal mesh sleaving that covers the cables for the running lights being completely corroded away as can be seen in the accompanying photo. Replacing the running lights and cables is down the priority list but their removal is not only necessary do to their condition it will also help when repainting the cabin.

T86 Trailer After Prep 1 wm.jpg

Pete J also had the task of hunting down any corrosion on the rear of the cabin. Most of the cabin is made from an aluminium alloy but steel shelving for the Ward Leonards is the place to look for rust and wasted metal. A good rub down needed to the shelves before corrosion treatment can be followed by filling and painting. The corrosion on the shelf frame can be seen in the this photo.

T86 Underside of Ward Leonard Frames 1 wm.jpg

T86 Underneath the Trailer
The worst job on the T86 trailer is prepping the underside so in the afternoon Pete J made a start at the rear of the cabin. He removed lose paint, corrosion and various bits of grass etc. See accompanying photo showing the under trailer condition after Pete’s efforts.

T86 Trailer After Prep 2 wm.jpg

A very busy day for Pete J as his final job was tidying the storage shed!

T86 Pedestal Covers
A start was made on the refurbishment of the pedestal covers which require new seals and the re riveting of several catches.

T86 Pedestal Covers 1 wm.jpg

One cover does require the replacement of wasted metal. New seals are available and the covers are now cleaned ready for refurbishing work to commence.

T86 Pedestal Covers 2 wm.jpg

T86 Aerial System
The appearance of the T86 aerial system looks to be quite poor but in reality it is mainly down to the loss of paint; see below. The main transmitting aerial is particularly affected, possibly due to the type of paint originally used or the lack of a good fibreglass primer. The focus here is on the aerials and the larger parts of the aerial assembly and getting them prepared and painted before any work is carried out on waveguide runs and smaller components.

T86 Ae Prep 2 wm.jpg

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