Work Day 10th February 2018

It couldn’t be put off any more! The time had come to make a start on prepping the T86 chassis, removing corrosion, loose paint and dirt from underneath the cabin. A job that no one in their right mind would volunteer for, but needs must. The accompanying photo shows Pete H dressed for the occasion and before anyone comments, gloves were worn when the job started. While some corrosion exists, particularly on the leaf springs, the under cabin condition is not too bad.

Pete H Dressed for T86 chassis wm.jpg

Neil refitted the elevation motor. The motor was removed a couple of years ago so a corroded baffle could be removed as it was preventing the aerial assembly from moving in elevation.

Ian was busy lifting the now completed new plywood floor and scraping the metal floor of the cabin ready for priming. The plywood will also be treated with preservative before refitting. The floor will be completed when new vinyl is fitted, a close to if not a direct colour match (mucky green) will be made.

Pete M used his impact driver to remove the remaining cabin fittings, i.e. reflectors and cable clips. External cables on the cabin are covered in a metal mesh tube which has badly corroded so has to be removed. The cabin reflectors are discoloured and the rubber mounts perished. All will be replaced in time.

Two photos are attached for interest. When we recovered our aerial cage it only had two original items in it, the base plate for the collimation tower and its cable. Where the rest of the collimation tower is, or went to we have no idea. The photo of the base plate may confuse as the mounting bracket for the aerial assembly lifting frame is resting on it.

T86 Collimation Base Plate wm.jpg

T86 Collimation Cable wm.jpg

The simulator was run up and remains serviceable which gave Pete M the opportunity to make a video of a Class 3 kill which is when a target is not totally destroyed by the missile’s warhead but damaged so that it takes a period of time before coming down to earth.

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