Bloodhound System Lesson 1 Overall System Control and Operation

1.0  I thought it might be useful to give some insight as to how the Bloodhound System operated so I will run a series of brief lessons using, wherever possible, original training notes. So, starting right now, here is  Lesson 1 –  Overall System Control and Operation (OSCOP).
BMSMS-OSCOP1a wm.png

1.1  The Launch Control Post (LCP) is the heart of the Bloodhound Missile Section. It is from the LCP that the Radar, Missile and Launcher combinations are controlled during operations. Note that wherever the Radar Type 86 is shown this could have also been a Type 87 as both were used by the Royal Air Force.

1.2   We will look at the Radar to LCP sub-system first.

1.3  Almost all information to and from the Radar is processed by the Ferranti Argus A700 computer (Processor Box). The diagram below is a simplified representation of the Radar to  Processor system in the LCP which handles the input and output signals.

BMSMS-OSCOP1b wm.png

1.4  The Processor Box also communicates with the LCP Console. The diagram below is shows the Processor Box / Console system.

BMSMS-OSCOP1c wm.png