Type 86 Radar Elevation Clutch Restoration

As an example of the attention to detail we are applying to our restoration work here is the Elevation Clutch on our Type 86 Radar. One good unit has evolved from from two bad ones; our own and one reclaimed from a discarded cabin wreck.  Here they are as removed from the aerial assembly on top of the cabins; they had suffered considerable deterioration from ravages of the elements.

T86 El Hand Winding wm.jpg

As well as restoring the paint a new pivot bracket had to be manufactured for the engagement lever and a new Terry clip sourced.

T86 El Motor Clutch 1 wm.jpg

All complete and working, the engagement lever is locked down on its Terry clip.

T86 El Motor Clutch 6 wm.jpg


Location of clutch on the aerial assembly:

T86 Aerial Location of Main Assemblies wm.jpg

T86 El Gearbox wm.jpg