Workday 21st April 2018

Thank goodness for a change in the weather but as the hangar is usually closed up apart from a Saturday it remains cold and damp. In fact, it looks like water is permeating up through the floor in places and the roof still leaks. Still, the warmer weather will dramatically improve the environment we work in, even if it takes a month or so. At least it’s pleasant when we can sit outside for tea breaks and watch the gliding club in action.

Work continues on the chassis and removing the wheels from the trailer which makes preparation of the wheel arches and axles for painting a lot easier.

T86 Wheel wm.jpg

This shows the area around a wheel hub that has been prepared for repainting and the inner wheel of the double wheel arrangement at the rear of the cabin.

T86 Whell Hub Prep'd wm.jpg

As we progress with the restoration we often don’t know what tools we need until we get there. For example the outer wheel was removed but to remove the inner wheel a ¾” square socket is needed to remove the studs securing the wheel so eBay, here we come again!

We also have a problem with one of the front wheels in that the nuts are too tight but we trying to avoid getting a contractor in if we can, cost etc; any experienced assistance would be appreciated. Even Pete’s big one didn’t cut the mustard!

Pete with a big one wm.jpg

Removing the wheels is safe as the cabin sits on its four jacks as in its operational state.

Pete M has spent many hours designing, sourcing parts and constructing a 115V 400Hz supply to drive synchros so that the radar simulator can be brought back in to use so the LCP can be used in Operational mode, the LCP currently runs in Simulator mode only. Here is Pete’s creation

400Hz a.JPG 400Hz b.JPG

400Hz c.JPG 400Hz d.jpg

Here is a short video proving the concept really does work.

And here is Pete in the LCP  showing the radar simulator under test with the 400Hz supply.

LCP 400Hz Generator Test wm.jpg

Unfortunately it was discovered that the synchos in the radar simulator required more power than those used for previous testing. The goal remains to bring the radar simulator back in to use so watch this space for updates.

The simulator was run up but unfortunately the Argus failed to run with several cards indicating a failure.  Card swapping failed to resolve the fault so it’s time to put the thinking caps on and get the simulator serviceable again.

We were limited with time on Saturday so whatever can be done off-line to prove the Argus cards involved (now removed) will be done.

Our major enemy is most probably condesation!

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