One thought on “The Ferranti Argus Computer and the Bloodhound Missile”

  1. Hi All

     Peter I enjoyed your short precis of the Bloodhound system.

    Can I add a small piece to the ARGUS 700 update?

    Before the advent of the new computer all the informationfor all the sections and their states were passed manually to Sqn operations bytelephone. Details such as missile states tracking information and engagementsetc. This was all updated on a manual board.

    With the advent of the 700 this was all passed digitally by thecomputer for each section to Sqn ops who had a complete and instant update asto what was not just the serviceable state of each section but also what theywere tracking or firing on. This was all monitored on CRT displays in Sqn. opswhich were a mirror image of the LCP displays in some cases. A huge stepforward on information technology.

    Rob Findlater

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