Workday 12th May 2018

The warmer weather means working outside so one of our priorities was completed. Treating all the new plywood floor panels with preservative.

T86 Floor Panels Following Preservative Treatment wm.jpg The next stage is to fix these panels to the cabin floor. All panels are secured in place by being bolted through the floor, new bolts have been procured as the originals were completely corroded and had to be cut out. The forward section of the cabin floor was also painted ready for the refitting of the wooden panels. The accompanying photo shows the repainted cabin floor, apologies for the poor quality image it will be replaced next week.
T86 Cabin Floor Primed.jpg

The simulator has been unserviceable for several weeks following a period of the hangar being very damp and cold, there is no heating in the hangar and we cannot leave heaters/dehumidifiers switched on when not working there.

I’m pleased to report that the simulator is now serviceable again following a replacement main GX processor in the Argus 700 computer.

One other minor issue is the Jamming Assessment display which has a vertical sync problem. The plan is to check and adjust locally and replace if necessary.

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