Work Day 21st July 2018

All work this week was again focused on preparing the T86 for its repaint, priority being given to the front wall of the cabin.

T86 Front Prep for Painting wm.jpg

All covers have now been removed from the two air conditioning units for refurbishing off site, the challenge being to remove the lower cover as previous attempts had failed to budge it. Pete J took up the challenge and discovered that an old sheared screw thread was blocking the runner on which the cover pivots. Some drilling and fiddling eventually removing the remains of the old screw so the cover could be removed. Pete J also removed old sealant from the cabin walls that had been inserted between the wooden rubbing strips and the cabin wall. There is no plan to replace the rubbing strips in the near future due to higher priorities.

Several of the covers and other items that were refurbished away from Cosford were returned and will be refitted in time, several covers receiving a second top coat. See accompanying two images.

T86 Refurbished Items wm.jpg

T86 Refurbished Rx Access Covers wm.jpg


The cover for the RF receiver also received its first top coat as shown.

T86 Rx Cover First Coat wm.jpg

The original cover for the pedestal motor is badly wasted with corrosion and we were fortunate to recover a pedestal motor cover from a derelict T86 which was in better condition than our original. The four pedestal covers are alloy but the pedestal motor cover is steel!

T86 Pedestal Motor Cover Corrosion wm.jpg

The replacement cover will receive significant refurbishment and corrosion treatment away from 2nd Line. The corrosion on the replacement cover looks bad but has not eaten through the steel, as happened to the original. The rubber sheet covering the pedestal cover will be replaced.


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