Work Day 28th July 2018

Work continues on preparing the T86 cabin for a repaint with a focus on the detail. An example is the restoration of the  overlap of the pedestal roof which is steel to the alloy cabin sides. This image shows a top corner of the T86 cabin where work on restoration has started.

T86 Roof Edge wm.jpg

The bracket for running lights has been removed and the surface cleaned, also shown is the glass tape that covers the riveted seams on the cabin. The overlap section of the pedestal roof shows the work to be done – corrosion treatment, filling and replacement of wasted rivets

Priming of two chiller compartments was completed and are now ready for a top coat in the photograph below.

T86 Chiller Compartments wm.jpg

The remaining chiller, vent and air conditioning covers on the cabin have now been removed from 2nd Line for refurbishment, the accompany two images show the before and after condition of one of the covers.

T86 Covers 1 wm.jpg

T86 Covers 2 wm.jpg

Some information: The top edge of the T86 cabin walls had wooden rubbing strips fitted which had completely rotted, unfortunately copious amount of sealant as well as bolts were used to secure these rubbing strips and removing the sealant is a time consuming task. Our T86 is an ex Swedish radar and has some detail differences to the UK radars namely the rubbing strips, running lights on the top corners of the cabin and joints covered by glass tape.

Away from 2nd Line work has started on refurbishing the replacement cover for the pedestal gearbox and motor. Key to this task was the removal of the securing latches so that anti corrosion treatment and the building up of wasted metal can be carried out. Removing the catches was a challenge due to them being stainless steel and held in place with stainless nuts that are locked in position with recessed slotted spring pins, see accompanying images.

Latches 1 wm.jpg


Latches 2 wm.jpg

Due to corrosion and age the spring pins they had to be drilled out but only after purchasing high quality cobalt tipped drills; forget the cheap HSS drills off eBay!

Pete .