Work Day 11th August 2018

We are now close to applying the first top coat of paint to the T86 after a thorough restoration to eliminate corrosion, replace corroded nuts and bolts etc. All external components are stripped down before a repainting. This image shows the roof safety switch dismantled for cleaning and the removal of lose paint before being primed ready for a top coat.

T86 Roof Safety Switch Dismantled wm.jpg

Pete J did the awkward job on Saturday, priming the first wheel arch. Hopefully the rest of the chassis will end up looking just as professional as you see here.

T86 Wheel Arch Primed wm.jpg

The front of the T86 cabin and a side wall are now ready for a top coat. The accompany image shows that the wall joints and rivet heads have received their first brushed top coat to ensure good paint penetration on joints and rivets, and also to cover the light coloured primer before a rollered top coat is applied.

T86 Cabin Prior to Roller paint wm.jpg

Work away from Cosford involves the on-going refurbishment of many external components including the pedestal motor and gearbox  cover. The attached image shows the cover, the pitting caused by corrosion has been treated and filled and the sections where the securing catches are located have been rebuilt.

T86 Pedestal Gear Box Cover wm.jpg

The LCP System Simulator was run up and remains serviceable.