Work Day 2nd September 2018

Yes we were there on a Sunday, at least Pete H was!

With the fine weather it was an opportunity to get some more painting done with the focus this time on the insides of the various covers of the T86 cabin. All have to be hand painted due to the ribs and fittings, the external surfaces though will be rollered so will take a lot less time.  Note that our location precludes being able to spray paint.

The T86 roof access ladder is also receiving a top coat and will be finished next Saturday after running out of time. TBelow you can see the collection of items painted and yes, it did take all day but a lot less than the time it took to prepare and prime.

T86 Covers Insides wm.jpg

At third line …
We previously refurbished the pedestal retraction gearbox on the T86 so we could raise and lower the aerials reliably and the T86 roof switch falls into the same category regarding reliability, in this case operation of the aerial brakes. Work is now underway to refurbish the roof switch mechanism and repaint; the image below shows the ‘bits’ from the dismantled switch.

T86 Roof Switch Strip Down wm.jpg

This image shows one problem, it is not a case of rubbing down the existing paintwork more a case of chipping it off! It illustrates the quality of the last paint job by the RAF which was a case of ‘just spray it’.

T86 Removing Paint Roof Switch wm.jpg

We shall be working each Saturday this month (8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th) if you are planning to come and see us … to work!

Pete H


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