Work Day 8th September 2018

Yet more painting on Saturday to finish the T86 transmitter air vent, air conditioning and chiller covers.

T86 Covers Final Paint.jpg

A start was also made on painting the door side of the T86 cabin, this clearly shows the contrast between the new paint and the prepared.

T86 Part Paint Door Side of Cabin.jpg

The refurbishing of the T86 roof switch has been completed, at least the main body with the cover still to do. The roof switch is fully functional, the microswitches are OK, the mechanical linkages, and Castel key operation are all ‘A1’. The accompanying images give a classic ‘before and after’, spot that the cable clamp needs to be moved. It’ surprising how heavy the roof switch is!

Before ….                                                     After …..

T86 Roof Switch Before.jpg    T86 Refurbished Roof Switch After.jpg

We have a good mix of thread types and sizes on the LCP and T86, Metric, UNC, UNF and BSF so care is needed in checking we identify the right thread when replacing nuts and bolts. All original steel and zinc coated nuts and bolts are replaced as a matter of course due to corrosion. Cleaning threads once bolts are removed is a standard task, especially as any that are not stainless are badly corroded. The accompanying image shows a UNC tap in place for this purpose.

T86 Cleaning Threads Cabin Wall.jpg

Pete H