Work Day 15th September 2018

On Saturday the final preparations were carried out so that the repainting of the door side of the T86 cabin can be carried out The tasks included the removal old sealant and mastic that was used when the wooden rubbing strips were fixed to the edges of the cabin roof. These wooden strips are not being replaced until all other restoration work on the T86 has been completed.

The main cabin roof is alloy as are the cabin walls so the removing of sealant etc. on the alloy sections was not difficult, just time consuming. See the accompanying image.

T86 Alum Roof Edge wm.jpg

The pedestal roof section was a different matter as the steel pedestal roof overlaps the alloy cabin sides and has suffered from heavy corrosion over the years as water was trapped under the wooden rubbing strips. One challenge was the sheared bolts that secured the wooden strip to the steel section, sheared as they were rusted in place and could not be unscrewed. The sheared bolt stubs protruded from the top edge of the cabin walls, these stubs have now been ground down. Two images show the restoration of the steel roof overlaps.

T86 Steel Roof Edge 1 wm.jpg

All wasted rivets were removed, wasted steel filled, corrosion treatment applied and new rivets fitted.

T86 Steel Roof Edge 2 wm.jpg

Next Saturday is all about yet more painting, hopefully it will be to top coat the main section of the T86 roof and complete the door side of the cabin. There are also repainted covers that can also be fitted.

Peter H

Bloodhound Trials Film – 16 September 1966

We have a copy of a compilation of trials films from six separate RAF Bloodhound firings at the Aberporth range. Each film has a detailed caption including the date of the trial and, where relevant, what went wrong.


The first couple are of single firings, followed by three sets of Ripple firings (two missiles at three second intervals), all of the Mk 1 variant and fired between 3 February 1961 and 6 March 1962.

The final firing is of a Mk 2 on this date, 16 September, in 1966. A miss distance of 61 feet was achieved. This image shows one of the ram jet covers just after it was ejected.

BH2 Firing wm.jpg