Work Day 22nd September 2018

The main tasks for Dave and Pete M on Saturday were painting; a top coat for the radar roof and completing the door side of the radar cabin. Two accompany photos showing the end results. Painting is carried out with a 4” roller and takes quite a while, a job you think won‘t take long but does!

T86 Roof Repaint wm.jpg

T86 Door Side Cabin Repaint wm.jpg

The roof safety switch and access ladder were refitted, see accompanying photo. The roof switch still needs to be rewired and its cover replaced. The cover requires a ¼” UNC hole re-tapping before it can be fitted.

T86 Access Ladder  Refurb wm.jpg

Work continues on refurbishing the cabin fittings and two light brackets are shown in ‘as removed’ condition, these should be refurbished by next week. See the accompanying photo.

T86 Lights Bracket Corrosion wm.jpg

The simulator was given a good run on Saturday for a photography session and during the day TWO power supplies failed. Although power supplies have failed before this is the first time two failed in one session! The power supplies in question were a 5V 120A (causing intermittent problems with the display system – CHARGE) and a 15V 16A (I/O rack supply). Spares are kept in the LCP and both power supplies have/are being replaced. Pete M was quick to identify the faulty power supplies calling on his experience of the time he was a Ferranti engineer commissioning the MK2A LCP’s at the factory.

Pete H

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