Work Day 29th September 2018

In the previous blog an image was included of two light brackets from the T86 cabin in ‘as removed’ condition. Saturday saw these brackets refurbished and painted along with other items including the three Launcher Illuminator waveguide horns; very pleasing to see things going back together.
T86 Cabin Fittings wm.jpg

After a refurbishment off site it was time to re fit the handle to the T86 roof access ladder as shown in the accompanying photos. A detail is included of the lifting bar on the handle that illustrates the work carried out, in this case the original steel wood screws (what was left of them) are replaced with brass screws and sealant is used to fill any gaps between the metal lifting bar and the wooden handle.

Roof Access Hand Rail Fitted wm.jpg

Roof Access Hand Rail 3 wm.jpg

Further painting of the T86 chassis was carried out at the base of the cabin walls. At least the cabin is starting to look the part again. The photo below also shows the LCP under its dust covers and the T86 aerial cage can be seen tucked away behind the cabin on the right.

T86 wm.jpg

Pete H

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