Work Day 20th October 2018

Refurbishing the T86 pedestal covers
Years and weather have taken a toll on the pedestal covers but on the up side they are made up of alloy, fibreglass, rubber sheet and stainless steel catches. A ‘stack’ of covers is shown below.

T86 Pedestal Cover 3 wm.jpg

These covers are resistant to the usual problems of corrosion but they still have their problems that need to be fixed. A series of photographs illustrate the challenges ….

….  cracking and crazing of the rubber sheet cover (using space to show off our logo!),

T86 Pedestal Cover 2 wm.jpg

…..  rubber sheet becoming separated from the alloy sheet and wasted sealant around the catch screws,

T86 Pedestal Cover 4 wm.jpg

…. paintwork and seals on the inside of covers  and stiff or locked catches.

T86 Pedestal Cover 1 wm.jpg

For a ‘proper’ refurbishment all the covers need new rubber sheet applied but for now rubberised paint will be used to hopefully seal the crazing and cracks and buy time as there are enough other high priority tasks.

Securing Plates and Catches

The securing plates for the T86 roof decking are being refurbished in the usual way, remove old paint and corrosion, treat corrosion, prime and top coat.

T86 Decking Plates wm.jpg

The five cover securing clips, two sorts are involved (see image) were there replacements made during the refurbishment of this radar at Ferranti in the mis 80’s? Who knows, definitely not all from the same manufacturing batch.

T86 RF Rx Clips wm.jpg

The same applies to the catches from the RF receiver cover but in this case paint is removed with paint stripper and then primed.

T86 Primed fastenings wm.jpg

Pete H.