Work Day 27th October 2018

This week there is a photographic feast for you!  I am heading up with three photographs that a friend of ours, Steve Harrison, took for us to use, some great drama in the last one and following up with a collection by Pete Harry as he experiments with his new camera.

IMG_0010_edited-1 wmr.jpg

IMG_0055_edited-1 wmr.jpg

IMG_0007_edited-1 wmr.jpg

Mike S.

…… and so to Pete’s work blog:

It was a cold day on Saturday so I kept the hangar doors closed, a bit gloomy but used the spot lights for painting the T86 roof decking, as I did last Saturday.

IMG_1349 wm.jpg

All decking sections now all have a first coat on the underside. Next Saturday I’ll apply a second coat to the underside of the decking. I’ve also sourced some anti slip paint which is used on boat decks. I’ll give it a go on the top surface of the decking but I suspect we’ll still need sand adding, the specialist stuff that Pete M has donated.

I ran the Sim all afternoon without any glitches, probably because I had the fan heater running all morning to warm it through – condensation is our big enemy at this time of year.

Had a general tidy up in the LCP as on Nov 10th we have a visitor, my old Eng O from 25 Sqn, C Flt at Laarbruch. It’ll be good to meet up again, it’s been a while! I’ll tidy up the T86 next Saturday.

I now have a new camera, if anyone is interested it’s a Canon G7X Mark II and here are some photos from Saturday when I was giving it a test run. I like the photo of the working environment around the LCP and T86, the steps are there as I was trying to determine the thread size on the studs for the roof decking securing plates, possibly M10 or more likely 7/16 UNC. All photos shot on the ‘Auto’ setting, I’m no camera expert.

IMG_1379 wm.jpg

IMG_1365 wm.jpg

IMG_1372 wm.jpg


IMG_1353 wm.jpg

IMG_1356 wm.jpg

Pete H

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