Work Day 3rd Novemember 2018

Two jobs for this Saturday, firstly to prepare the front of the Receiver and Transmitter dishes and the In Flight Reference Aerial and secondly to apply a second top coat to the T86 cabin roof.

The dishes are of fibre glass construction and separation had occurred in places on the Ttansmitter dish creating large bubbles. The majority of the bubbles had been repaired previously must some work was still needed before a primer could be applied. The attached images show the final preparation work on the Tx dish and the front of the dishes after priming. We used a specialist primer for glass fibre hence the colour. Black looks quite attractive!

T86 Tx Dish Prep for painting wm.jpg


T86 Ae Dishes Primed wm.jpg

A further photos shows the T86 cabin roof following its second coat. All this work on Saturday was undertaken by Pete M and Dave.

T86 Cabin Roof After Top Coat wm.jpg

The simulator was run up with Pete M eventually emerging from the LCP following ten engagements in various jamming scenarios and with a claim, ‘I got all ten’. The simulator remains serviceable.