Work Day 17th November 2018

Effort remains on the T86 aerial system and its pedestal, rubbing down, priming and corrosion treatment. It is the last of these that was exposed on Saturday (yet another problem to be sorted), the corrosion under the rubber sheeting at the base of the pedestal. The cause of the corrosion is water getting under the rubber sheeting due to deteriorating sealant and adhesive that has long since stopped being and adhesive. Three photos showing the rubber sheet lifting, the pedestal base with the rubber sheet removed and the sections of rubber sheet.

T86 Pedestal Corrosion 2 wm.jpg


T86 Pedestal Corrosion 3 wm.jpg

T86 Pedestal Corrosion 4 wm.jpg

The pedestal base has a thin gauge metal base then glass fibre sheet and finally the rubber sheet. Observing the photos shows the amount of corrosion which in one place is through the metal sheet. Also note the gear box for raising and lowering the pedestal which has already been refurbished. The square spigot on the gear box is for manual raising and lowering the pedestal; the pedestal drive motor has been removed.

The original pedestal gear box and motor cover on the base of the pedestal is being replaced with a refurbished cover retrieved from a derelict T86 (Ser. No. 111) on the North Luffenham airfield. The original cover  for our T86 (Ser. No. 501) had suffered from severe corrosion and wasted metal. Two accompanying photos show the refurbished cover, all ready to be bolted back on.

T86 Pedestal Motor Cover-1 wm.jpg

T86 Pedestal Motor Cover-2 wm.jpg

Pete H