Work Day 8th December 2018

The four large sections of RFI rubber sheet below were returned to Cosford after cleaning.

T86 Pedestal Base RFI Sheets wm.jpg

The rubber sheet is cracked in places and requires restoration which will be carried out once the sheets are back on the pedestal. No point in restoring the rubber sheet unless it has the exact profile of the curved base of the pedestal.

Restoration proceeds with the radar drawers with the top one being cleaned and prepared for repainting; inside there is labelling that will not be overpainted. On the sides of the drawer are some etched initials and dates.

T86 Signed Drawer Sides wm.jpg

Our Type 86 was Yellow’s radar at Bawdsey until 1990 (85 Sqn, C Flt) 1990, can anyone identify who the initials belong to?

Here’s another mystery/question. The top drawer from the radar has compartments for EMERs (as per a Thunderbird radar) yet the radar is ex Swedish. Did the drawers come from an AD10? Did Sweden use EMERs?

The simulator developed a fault last week but no major fault finding effort took place to try to resolve the problem. One of the issues we face is understanding the error messages that occur when the Argus 700 boots in a fault condition, see the error message and indicator state below.

LCP Boot Error 8_12_2018 wm.jpg

What is:
FAIL 000104  000002   000000
TASK NO  @00  £000
LOCAL ERROR NO  @44  £104
PARAMETER1  @0002  £0000
.. telling us? Is it a backplane issues? The only thing I have found after a quick look at the System Messages handbook is: Standard Task No 00 = EXEC = Executive Subsystem

With everything switched on and booting, as per the error message, should the LED’s, or some of them, on the digital O/P cards be ‘on’, I can’t remember. The +/- 15V to the Digital box is OK and the GL’s are both OK as I swapped them around with the spare which made no difference to the error message. Is it a memory fault? We had a mysterious and similar fault a couple of months back and suspected a 15V supply but the fault magically cleared on the next switch on.

LCO I-O Rack Fault wm.jpg

We do have some experienced help and the manuals that should allow us to work out what the error message means. Working out where the fault lies will avoid the dreaded ‘board swap’ approach to fault finding.

Pete H