Work Day 15th December 2018

Saturday was the last Cosford working day for 2018; on-site working will recommence on January 6th 2019.  February will be the winter shut down month with no work taking place at Cosford but things will still be happening behind the scenes.

Another step forward for the T86 as the completed decking for the main roof was refitted. These two photos show the end result.

T86 Main Roof Decking Complete 1 wm.jpg

T86 Main Roof Decking Complete 2 wm.jpg

The decking for the pedestal roof has been completed but will not be refitted until repairs have been carried out to the badly corroded sections on this roof section.  Unfortunately the pedestal roof is steel and not alloy!

The Covers for the elevation and bearing synchros have been refurbished, primed, and refitted. The accompanying photo shows the covers on the elevation gear box.

T86 Elevation Gearbox Covers wm.jpg

We still have a fault with the Argus 700 in the LCP. A limited card swap did not resolve the fault so all Argus 700 cards have been removed for checking in the test rig we maintain off site. The damp and cold environment in the hangar is the cause, we run the simulator without many problems in the summer but when the winter weather arrives the Argus goes on strike!

Meanwhile … in Dersingham … Mike S is refining a technique using diode laser engraving for restoring aluminium labels from the T86 console. They were black anodised then mechanically engraved through to the metal but have now corroded.  The new engraving will be on the reverse side. Here is what the labels currently look like.

Lamps Label.jpg

… we are “ON TARGET” and hope to “ACQUIRE” … donations from willing followers which would be most gratefully received as would a good home for this unique and iconic Cold War equipment collection.

Happy Christmas to all our readers and many thanks for following our endeavours over the last year.

Pete H and the BMPG team