Loss of a Bloodhound Friend – Eric Readman

It is with sadness that we report the loss of an ex-Bloodhound friend and colleague, Mr Eric Readman. He passed away last Christmas Eve whilst singing in his Church choir.

This came from one of Eric’s ex-Bristol Aircraft Corporation colleagues, David Hall via our friend Brian Blestowe:

“Eric joined Bristol on his retirement from the RAF, where he had been heavily involved with Bloodhound 2. His activities in the RAF on Bloodhound were instructing on the Launcher Control Post ( LCP ) Argos computer at RAF Newton in the early ’60s and later as Technical Officer on 112 Sqdn. initially at Woodhall Spa and deployment of the system to Cyprus about 69/70/71. When he joined the Company at Bristol, he worked for Arthur Player and the Bristol 1988 telephone directory shows his position as Project Manager, Configuration and Change Control in Dept. 838. At some time after working at Bristol (probably when the  Engineering activities were terminated in 1991 ) he transferred to Stevenage and lived in Biggleswade.”

David is not aware of his detailed activities at Stevenage and on his retirement from the Company around the early 2000’s, he took up residence in Malvern in 2006.

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