Work Day 5th January 2019

A belated Happy New Year to all. 2019 will be an important year for the BMPG as we look to finding a permanent home for our LCP and T86 radar.

Last Saturday saw work focused on completing the preparation of the T86 equipment drawers for re painting as in the accompanying photo. The first job will be to treat any corrosion on the casing as it’s steel; the drawers themselves are alloy.

T86 Drawers Prep for Painting wm.jpg

To properly restore the rear wall of the T86 cabin both Ward Leonard  DC generators have to be removed and last Saturday saw the first set removed.

T86 Ward Leonard wm.jpg

The accompanying photos show the removal of the Ward Leonard and the work now needed to restore it externally as well as its mounting frame and shelf. Note the condition of anti-vibration mounts!

T86 WL Removal wm.jpg

T86 WL Mounting Tray wm.jpg

Pete Harry

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