Work Day 12th January 2019

A week ago we have had evidence of vermin (rats) present in the hangar who munched through sections of a polythene dust cover for their lunch. To see how bad the rat problem is a tasty morsel of dust cover was left under the T86 for a week to see what happened to it. The answer – nothing. Obviously there are better lunches to be had elsewhere! Obviously mice and rats are a concern as they could munch through cabling in the T86 and LCP, the T86 is safe elevated on its jacks, the LCP less so as it has open air conditioning vents in a side wall of the cabin. See the accompanying photos showing a cleaned out vent and then the vents covered with ‘anti vermin’ steel mesh.

LCP Cleaned Out AC Vent wm.jpg


LCP Grill Fitted to AC Ducts wm.jpg

The main task of the day was completed by Pete J with the removal of the second Ward Leonard, no easy feat especially lowering it off the shelf. Where’s the Side Loader when you want one?

T86 Pete Jones Working on WL Removal wm.jpg

The reason for removing the Ward Leonards is to treat corrosion in the fabricated steel shelf that supports them. One of the common problems visible on other remaining T86’s is corrosion of the Ward Leonard shelf with several sections now corroded through. Obviously this needs sorting for the long term preservation of our T86. The accompanying series of photos show the unbolting of the Ward Leonard, (above) the now vacant shelf on the T86 cabin and the two Ward Leonard sets safely on a pallet. The Ward Leonards are to be cosmetically restored.

T86 Rear Cabin Wall No WLs wm.jpg

T86 WL's Awainiting Cosmetic Restoration wm.jpg

Pete H