Work Day 26th January 2019

Work remains focused on the T86 as refurbishing the rear of the cabin, the Ward Leonards (WL’s) and their supporting shelf has become a bigger job than expected. It was found that a cross member was completely corroded though at one end so had to be cut out and a new member fabricated. The accompanying series of photos show the corroded cross member in situ, Neil removing it and a close up showing the extent of some of the corrosion.

T86 Corroded Cross Member wm.jpg

T86 Cutting Out Corroded WL Support wm.jpg

T86 WL Corroded Support Bracket 1wm.jpg

The four anti vibration mounts on each WL also have to be replaced, the accompanying photo illustrates why, the rubber has perished and the steel in the mount is badly corroded. New mounts will be fabricated but they will not be ‘anti-vibration’ as unfortunately the WL’s will not run again.

WL Mount Side wm.jpg

The WL’s will be getting a refurbish, removing corrosion and a repaint. It needs to be done as shown in this photo.

T86 WL Bfore Restoration wm.jpg

Other jobs continue and fronts of the T86 drawer set and their case received  their first top coat. The colour of paint used on the T86 internals is Dark Admiralty Grey!

We now have the answer to one problem using the latest technology, a 3D printer. The original rubber mounts for the reflectors on the T86 and LCP have perished. Replacements are hard to come by and even if found quantities are limited. The photo shows an original reflector mount in the centre with two that have been 3D printed; one has an original reflector in situ. The reflectors also need replacing.

T86 Replacement Reflector Holders wm.jpg

There will now be a break in activities due to our lead team member taking a well-earned rest and the predicted cold conditions in the hanger.

Pete H

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