Work Day 2nd March 2019

Cosford work days have resumed after our winter break and the first task was to clean all the chrome handles and fittings in the LCP. During the last Cosford work day it was noticed that some of the handles were becoming tarnished (not surprising with the damp environment). We cleaned all the chrome work with Autosol metal polish and restorer, a job that took all morning. As all the chrome LCP fittings have been re chromed a couple of years ago we need to keep them nice and shiny!

It was also found that Autosol cleaned and polished the drawer fronts etc. Two photos below, one, a close up of our nice and shiny draw handles after cleaning, the second shows the sparkling handles and fittings on the LCP racks. Note the amount of items stored on top of the racks!

LCP Chrome Handles After Clean wm.jpg

LCP Racks After Chrome Clean wm.jpg

The remainder of the day was focused on preparing the rear of the T86 cabin ready for painting and re installing the Ward Leonards. The accompanying two photos show Neil at work on the  rear of the T86 cabin and one of the Ward Leonards primed before top coat is applied.

T86 Neil  Preparing Cabin Shelf wm.jpg


T86 WL Primed wm.jpg

Pete Harry