Work Day 9th March 2019

Thw first T86 Radar task on Saturday was to replace the wasted rivets that secure the aerial pedestal steel roof section to the top of the rear cabin wall. Rivets on the two other sides have already been replaced The original rivets were alloy and not steel and very little remained of them! Several rivets were drilled out successfully but one section of the roof edge was found to be so badly corroded under some previous filler that had to be cut out. The photo below shows the remains of the badly corroded roof edge after it was cut out

T86 Roof Edge 1.jpg

A second photo shows the cabin wall where the steel roof overlaps shows how the steel roof is bowed upwards from the frame (not as a result of removing the edge). This section will be repaired by fabricating a new roof edge which will involve riveting the bowed roof section to the frame.

T86 Roof Edge 2 wm.jpg

Additional painting of a Ward Leonard and the T86’s drawer case was also carried out.

Pete H