Work Day 27th April 2019

Work on the rear cabin continues with the floor now ready for a repaint. Due to water ingress when in open storage for many years the original lino and plywood floor covering had to be removed as it was completely rotten. The floor being prepared is the base alloy sheet covering the cabin floor. See accompanying photo.

T86 Rear cabin Floor Ready for Priming wm.jpg

General preparation of the inside of the radar doors for a repaint. Over the years there have obviously been many ‘things’ screwed to the inside of the left hand door so a good number of holes need to be filled. Work was also carried out preparing the bearing Ward Leonard for a repaint. See accompanying photo.

Bearing Ward Leonard being prepared WM.jpg

LCP. Unfortunately the Argus computer is still U/S and work away from Cosford continues on the repair of several U/S cards, a major challenge for the team. It’s not only the electronics that require repairing; an accompanying photo shows work on fan replacement in the Argus fan tray. Two trays are shown, one spare.

Argus Fan Trays wm.jpg