Work Day 4th May 2019

Three tasks completed on Saturday:

  • Prime the rear cabin floor of the T86
  • Preparing Ward Leonard fittings for re assembly
  • Test GX Processors in the LCP

The rear cabin of the T86 is now ready to have new plywood floor panels fitted after the floor received anti corrosion treatment and priming. Preparation is now complete of the alloy floor panels, the steel wheel arches and the securing brackets for the pedestal raising and lowering worm drives.

As can be imagined any external steel fittings on the T86 cabin will have suffered from corrosion including the Ward Leonard fittings under their covers. The accompanying photo shows a batch of fittings after cleaning and corrosion treatment. Thank goodness stainless bolts were used originally.

Ward Leonard Fittings wm.jpg

Test were also carried out in the LCP with several Argus GX processors which give varying fault symptoms, a bit of a mystery. More work on the Argus will be carried out this coming Saturday. Photos below show the rack of Digital Output cards using the LEDs to assist with diagnosis, then there is a shot of the FT81 terminal showing the nature of the error messages received for us to interpret.

Digital Output wm.jpg

FT 81 Errors on 04_05_2019.jpg

Away from Cosford our spare fan trays for the Argus computer are being refurbished. Two new fans are required due to failed armature windings. Also the accompanying photo shows a new fan against an original, obvious which is which and of concern is the amount of dirt getting in the fans and being blown through the Argus.

Old and New Argus Fan Tray wm.jpg

Pete H.

One thought on “Work Day 4th May 2019”

  1. Peter

    Re: Fail message ‘FAIL 000104 000002 000000

    Looking at the FT81 fail message I am reminded that we have seen this before. Searching thouh my files I found the attached image which was in a directory I had named as 090414 which I assume I set up at that date. (2014 – can it be so long ago!). The file name (error on test rig.jpg) would suggest that it was observed by you at that time running a processor in your ‘maintenance hub’.

    The above is probably not of much use to you unless you can recall what was causing the error message at that time.

    I also found an extract of a documment I think you sent me which listed FAIL messages. The extract included the following which I think matches the one you are seeing now: ***** FAIL 000104 000000


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