Work Day 18th May 2019

Further work carried out of the Ward Leonard shelf frame, mainly corrosion treatment ready for filling areas of wasted metal and priming.

Following an extended period of the simulator being U/S it is now serviceable again. A faulty co-processor was found to be the problem. See the accompanying photo of the simulator back in action. A major task now facing us is the repair of Argus computer boards, work has started on various test rigs but it is early days as a lot of work has to go in to reverse engineering designs etc we have no test rigs or test specs.

Simulator Running 18 May 2019 wm.jpg

Away from Cosford work has continued on refurbishing our spare fan tray for the Argus computer. Several of the original fans have now failed which is not surprising as they are now 30 years old and the damp environment they have been exposed to. See accompanying photo of the underside of an Argus fan tray. The original but corroded finger guards are also being replaced, the photo shows one of the originals has yet to be changed. The original design and positioning of the finger guards caused a problem, spot what the problem is on the accompanying photo.

Argus Fan Tray wm.jpg

Pete H

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