Work Day 1st June 2019

The time consuming job of repairing, corrosion treatment and priming the Ward Leonard shelf and trays on the rear of the T86 cabin is complete, see accompanying photo.

T86 Rear Cabin 1-6-19 wm.jpg

Work continues on fabricating new mounts for the two Ward Leonards.

The Argus fan tray and the CHARGE unit fan tray have had their U/S fans replaced and were refitted. The CHARGE fans are embedded in the base of the rack under the CHARGE chassis, see accompanying photo.

CHARGE Fan Tray Position wm.jpg
The second photo shows the CHARGE fan tray before refitting, it is obvious which of the three fans is new! It also shows the condition of the original fans with corrosion on the blades but they still work – for now.

CHARGE Fan Tray - New Fan wm.jpg

The Simulator remains serviceable and looks to be in good health, no glitches etc.

Our next Blog will be after June 15th due to the Cosford Air Show on the weekend of the 9th.