Work Day 15th June 2019

We had several visitors come and see us on Saturday so a good period of time was spent running the simulator and demonstrating engagements. Pete M (ex Ferranti) and Neil (ex Tech Sup) were providing the demonstrations. To see a typical engagement visit our YouTube video at .

Apologies for the short description of work and the lack of Cosford photos for this blog.

Pete M completed the new Ward Leonard mounts and applied a top coat of paint to them. A top coat was also applied to the bearing Ward Leonard. Ian painted the inside of the T86 doors. Finally, Pete M, Neil and a visitor painted the rear cabin wall and Ward Leonard shelf.

Away from Cosford
The major task continues to be the refurbishing of the Ward Leonard covers. The attached photos shows one of the patches applied to the bearing Ward Leonard cover after torn RFI material had to be cut out. The cover has had all cracks in the rubber cover filled and once painted with rubberised paint the patch and cracks will not be visible.

WL Covers Partly Refurbished a wm.jpg WL Cover Patch 2 wm.jpg

Work also continues on trying to repair several Argus memory cards. A very challenging task as a degree of reverse engineering is involved, e.g. there are nine resister selections to set different timings but we do not have a specification of what the timings should be!

The accompanying photo shows our Argus test set up consisting of an Argus 700 with its powers supplies, an Argus 700 monitor and two laptops. One laptop acts as the system monitor, the second is current used as a digital oscilloscope (USB connection to a Picoscope).

Argus Test Rig 14-06-2019 wm.jpg

Pete H