Work Day22nd June 2019

T86 Radar

The refurbished Ward Leonard covers and fittings were returned to Cosford along with the refurbished (previously missing) T86 roof access ladder securing pin, nicely picked out in black – photo attached, the securing chain still to be attached.

T86 Ladder Securing Pin 2 wm.jpg

The Ward Leonard covers and fittings were returned to Cosford after refurbishment off-site. The covers were a particular challenge due to two sections of RFI covering on the bearing Ward Leonard being torn, hence patches were needed and the deterioration of the RFI rubber cover which had multiple cracks due to aging. See accompanying photo. The Ward Leonard items are being painted Dark Bronze Green, the original colour of the Bloodhound kit when new.

T86 Ward Leonard Items Refurbished wm.jpg

Work continues on bolting down the new floor in the rear cabin. See the attached photo showing the detail of the wheel arch under ‘F’ Rack.

T86 Rear Cabin Floor Detail wm.jpg

New (five) new cable brackets to support the Ward Leonard cables were manufactured and primed. The accompanying photo shows the comparison between the old and new, the originals have severe corrosion! Old and new are the same size, the camera angle only makes them look different.

T86 Cable Bracket 1 wm.jpg

The bearing Ward Leonard Received its final top coat of paint after much preparation. See accompanying photo. All we have to do now is lift it back into position!

T86 Bearing WL Repainted wm.jpg

Lastly, a photo of the work in progress on the rear of the cabin and the Ward Leonard Shelf. First stages of the repaint in NATO Green, the final colour of the Bloodhound kit.

T86 Reat Cabin Wall Repaint Started wm.jpg

Pete H.

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