Equipment Label Restoration

Some of the T86 Radar equipment labels were badly corroded for which I devised a restoration method.

Original finish.jpg

Orginally the markings were mechanically engraved through a black anodised finish.Not having access to either of these technologies I chose laser engraving with a 2.5W laser diode mounted on a two axis platform and gantry.

laser engraver.jpg

To preserve the original appearance I sanded a clean surface of the rear of each label, white primed with an enamel and matt black top coat. The laser cuts easily through the black but is reflected by the white so is not even marked. Here are the first four labels completed.


Mike Strange

Work Day 29th June 2019

T86 Radar

The pressure is on to complete the refurbishment of the Ward Leonards and their mounting shelf on the rear of the cabin, plus various fittings. I say pressure purely because there are lots of other tasks waiting. The accompanying photo show the various Ward Leonard items receiving a sprayed top coat of Deep Bronze Green paint. The elevation Ward Leonard has also received a final top coat.

T86 More WL Items Painted wm.jpg

Further painting of the Ward Leonard shelves and the underside of the Ward Leonard trays carried out. See accompanying photo.

T86 Rear Cabin Wall Trays Painted wm.jpg

T86 away from Cosford

A new ‘War Alarm’ is now ready for refitting. The baffle in the original alarm mechanism was completely corroded away. A ‘replacement klaxon has been sourced and the unit completed using the original mountings. The replacement war alarm klaxon has a horn, the original didn’t. The horn will be retained as it adds to the weather protection for the Klaxon assembly. The plan is to operate the war alarm as and when during demonstrations. See accompanying photo of the refurbished war alarm. The war alarm is mounted under the Ward Leonard shelf. It was never used in operational service, thank goodness.

T86 War Alarm 2 wm.jpg


The LCP was run up and checked out OK. During the previous week a key on the Instructors keyboard was found to be not working so the keyboard has been removed for checks. See accompanying photo.

LCP Instructors Keyboard Removed wm.jpg

Pete H