Work Day 6th July 2019

T86 and LCP
A day for internal doors surfaces. Two accompanying photos, one on the part finished main LCP door and the second, one of the double opening T86 doors.

LCP Door - First Coat wm.jpg

T86 Door Final Coat wm.jpg


The LCP door received its first top coat of paint after preparation but the main challenge was replacing the numerous self-tapping screws that held the internal door skin in place (perhaps the many years of opening and closing the door shook them all out). The internal skin of the T86 door was in a ‘well used’ condition as over the years numerous holes were created to hold various fittings and brackets. All defunct fittings removed which meant a lot of hole filling before a two coats of paint were applied getting the internal surface back to an A1 condition.

Yet more painting on the rear cabin wall of the T86 in preparation of re fitting the Ward Leonards.

The LCP (simulator) remains serviceable, excepting the Instructors keyboard. Last week the keyboard was removed for testing. Yesterday the Technical Supervisor’s keyboard was plugged in to the Instructor’s keyboard plug and it worked fine, confirming a dead Instructor’s keyboard. The Instructor’s keyboard has now been tested off site and no fault found!!!

We have received a donation of an original Ferranti degaussing wand. The wand will be put to good use as one of the display monitors has a definite orange tint in one corner.

Ferranti Degausser wm.jpg

Pete H

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