Work Day 20th July 2019


Painting of the Ward Leonard cable brackets carried out. The two sprit levels attached front and back to the radar chassis, have been dismantled for refurbishing off site. See below.

T86 Spirit Level 2 wm.jpg


T86 Spirit Level 1 wm.jpg


The inside of the E.C.’s door and both LCP door frames have been rubbed down and prepared for a repaint.

Testing of some spare Argus boards was carried out with mixed results, serviceable spares for the Argus are always a concern. Current backups of the LCP software were made without any issues.

Away from Cosford

The T86 waveguide desiccators have been refurbished which included new seals and a repaint. See accompanying photo. The requirement for new seals is a measure to prevent water ingress, a key objective of our restoration programme.

T86 Refurb WG Desiccators 1 wm.jpg

Pete H

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