Work Day 24th August 2019


Ian continued with painting and prepping the insides of the radar doors and the numerous screw heads in the radar’s internal roof and walls.

Pete M and Pete J had a frustrating day partly due to unbolting the recently bolted down bearing Ward Leonard so that the cowlings that hold the filters and the end covers could be refitted. Sounds straight forward but it isn’t. By the end of the day fitting the end covers were all that was left to do and that may involve yet more unforeseen challenges.

Pete H worked on prepping the aerial system for an eventual repaint. Eliminating corrosion and preventing further corrosion and water ingress is a main objective in preparing the T86 for eventual public display. For example. The corroded latch clamps that hold the Reference Aerial Modulator lid on the rear of the aerial assembly needed to be removed for refurbishing or replacement and as most items on the T86 are obsolete it looks like the only choice is refurbishment.


The Instructor’s keyboard has been repaired (a non-operating key) and was, after a few false starts with it working and then not working, refitted on Saturday. Two accompanying photos show the keyboard with the defective key removed and a new key in place.

LCP Ins Keyboard 2.jpg

LCP Ins Keyboard New Key Installed.jpg

We are fortunate that many components in the LCP are ‘bog standard commercial grade’ and are still available at a reasonable cost, the Cherry keys used on this keyboard are an example.

The simulator was run up and remains serviceable.

Pete H

Ancillary Equipment

Here are some photographs of derelict Bloodhound kit that was held at North  Luffenham. This was part of the section donated to the RAF Museum which has now been dumped outside the museum’s storage hangar at Cosford. Unfortunately, even if the RAF Museum would release it to us, we can’t save it all!

Thanks to Neil all items are now identified.

Bloodhound Remains 5.jpg

Diesel Generator

Bloodhound Remains 4.jpg

Power Distribution Board, There were 2 for each section, they are different, the one with the open door is a PDB A which was the mains circuit breaker and had the T87 distribution. Launcher Cable Drum

Bloodhound Remains 3.jpg

Power Distribution Board

Bloodhound Remains 2.jpg

400 Hz Generator for Servos

Bloodhound Remains 1.jpg

T54 ACU for LCP

Mike S