Work Day 14th September 2019


Current restoration work is focused on the T86 but jobs do continue on the LCP. An example is the refitting of the internal main door handle in the LCP after refurbishing.

LCP Main Door Handle wm.jpg


Refurbishing and repainting the cable distribution box on the rear shelf of the T86 is almost complete. A job not without its challenges as there were problems with reusing the original captive nuts, these are riveted to the box with alloy rivets. These rivets had become corroded and have been removed. See two photos below showing the original rivets being drilled out and the lid of the distribution box refitted.T86 Dist Box 2 wm.jpg


T86 Dist Box wm.jpg

Two sections of severely wasted metal remain on the T86 cabin, one along the top of the outlet for the distribution cables on the rear wall of the cabin and the second is where two external power sockets exit the pedestal. To replace the wasted metal would mean a major rebuild and/or welding job, currently beyond our means. The photo below shows the wasted metal on the pedestal which awaits treating and building up with fibreglass.

T86 Pedestal Sockets Wasted Metal wm.jpg

Pete H

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