Work Day 21st September 2019

T86 – Three tasks carried out on the T86 cabin and aerial system; replacing corroded metal on the side of the pedestal roof, see accompanying photo.

T86 Repair to Pedesatl Roof Edge 3.jpg

Cleaning out the nooks and crannies on the aerial system in preparation for a repaint and also the preparation and corrosion treatment of the rear two wheel arches. Accompanying photos the underside of the aerial system, a sight often seen after an aerial elevation drive fault!

T86 Ae System Underside.jpg


T86 Pete J On Ae System.jpg

A lot of the restoration work is carried out off site and Saturday saw several items being refitted, both to the T86 and LCP. Electronic units in the T86 aerial assembly had suffered with faded paint and water ingress due to outer covers being removed exposing these units to the elements when the T86 was stored in the open. Repainting and seal renewal of the units took place off site, see accompanying photos of the repainted unit covers and a new seal being fitted.

T86 Repainted Ae Assembly Covers Repaint.jpg

T86 Seals on Units Replaced.jpg

A photo also shows a completely restored monitor unit, originally the casing for the meter was just corrosion with no paint remaining

T86 Refurbished Monitor Unit.jpg

A further photo shows the original condition of one of the units.

T86 Ae Ass Unit Water Ingress.jpg

The two spirit levels had been subjected to corrosion, tarnish, dirt and a few random coats of spray pain.  Following refurbishment the spirit levels were refitted; her is one of them:T86 Chassis Spirit Level Refurbished.jpg

The first of the trailer lights has also been refitted to the chassis, see the accompanying photo showing a front light above a reflector.

T86 Front Light and Reflector 1.jpg

The LCP also had the internal vent covers to the main and E.C. doors refitted. See accompanying photos, note the original dents in the main door are retained.

LCP Main Door Grill Refitted.jpg


LCP Main Door - Inside.jpg

LCP EC's Door - Inside.jpg

More red lead paint being applied to some covers by DaveT86 Dave Red Leading Covers.jpg

Pete H