28th September 2019


The Jamming Assessment aerial has been removed for refurbishing, removal makes painting much easier and the joints between the aerial’s part can also be cleaned, corrosion removed and joints resealed. As can be seen here it is not in the easiest of places to access and in rather poor shape.

01 Jamming AA 1wm.jpg 02 Jamming AA 2wm.jpg

03 Jamming AA 3wm.jpg

04 JAA before wm.jpg

See the accompanying photo of the aerial parts after receiving their first coat of paint. Also included in the photo are covers from the elevation synchros.

14 T86 Parts Restoration JA Ae + Coverswm.jpg

After being stored under the radar for a few years the covers from the base of the pedestal have been cleaned, engrained dirt and the odd streak of grease being removed. Accompanying photo shows the results.

13 T86 Cover under Pedesatalwm.jpg

The technical aspects of this aerial are as interesting as they are puzzling and will be covered in a separate blog.


The simulator was run up and remains serviceable.

For the last two test runs an ‘electronic’ type smell has emanated from the computer rack. The smell is possibly from blown mains filter RIFA capacitors in a power supply. These capacitors have a dielectric that can boil due to age related cracks in their casing, they do not prevent the power supply from working. A job for this winter beckons … find which of the eleven power supplies is at fault!


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