Work Day 5th October 2019


The main task this week was to remove the In Flight Reference Aerial. Removing the aerial allows for cleaning and preparing the hard to get to places on the aerial system before a repaint and here we have Neil hard at work!T86 Neil Disconnecting IFR Aerial wm.jpg

The following photo shows the aerial after removal and cleaning, old and perished sealant around the RFI sheet has been removed.  The In Flight and Jamming Assessment aerials will not be replaced until the repaint is completed.

T86 IFR Removed wm.jpg

Work carried out on the aerial system included corrosion treatment at the top of the pedestal. A place that has not seen any paint for a considerable time.

A couple more photos on top of the pedestal show first the top Junction Box 1 and the Elevation Motor

T86 Top Junction Box 1 wm.jpg

T86 Elevation Motor wm.jpg


The simulator was run up and remains serviceable; the photo here shows an exercise being run. Note the reflectors on the Tech Sup’s chair awaiting fitting.

LCP Displays 05_10_19 wm.jpg

Pete H