Work Day 12th October 2019


The pedestal roof edge repair has been profiled, gaps filled and primed. Hopefully the repair will be ‘invisible’ when finished, see accompanying photo.

T86 Pedestal Roof Edge.jpgMany small restoration tasks are regularly carried out and not reported on but one example is included here. All external, steel, threaded studs will have suffered from fifty years plus exposure and the problems come when reusing these studs. The example shown in the accompanying photos show the before and after of a decking securing stud on the roof of the radar. A UNC die is run over the thread to restore it.

T86 Roof Bolt Before.jpg   T86 Roof Bolt After.jpg

As previously reported, work has started on the junction box at the top of the pedestal. The covers from the box have been removed from site to be refurbished elsewhere. A set of three accompanying photos show the condition of the covers as removed, note the corrosion and seals. One seal completely perished, the other too small and held in place with Evo Stick. The white powder corrosion is all down to the perished seal. Hopefully the covers will have been refurbished by next week.   No work was undertaken on the LCP this week.

T86 Top JB Seal.jpg

Top JB RF Connectors 1.jpg  Top JB RF Connectors 2.jpg

Pete H