LCP 1006 – One We Couldn’t Save

LCP 1006 had been languishing for years at North Luffenham and we were fortunate to hear about it before the station was handed over to the army. We were welcomed in to salvage what we could to provide spares for our restoration project. This is the sight we were greeted with:

As we approached we were immediately greeted with this – the doors were wide open and evidence that others had been before.

Sure enough it had been raided and vandalised.

LCP 1006 3.jpg

LCP 1006 2.jpg

We secured the cabin label as evidence of the equipment there:

LCP 1006 1.jpg

Next was to remove anything that might serve as useful spares or to build a test rig simulator; here I am, Mike Strange, getting down in the dirt and bird droppings!

Needless to say all of the computer and display equipment had long gone. What was sad to see that the glass faces of ever single meter had been methodically smashed! Outside the site cable drums were still there but guess what … yes all the cables had gone,

LCP1006 4Mike Strange salvaging spares.JPG

Anyway, lots of smal items and internal cables were retrieved and as we left Pete Harry appeared to be rather satisfied by what we obtained.

LCP1006 5Pete Harry pleased with spoils.JPG

If only it had been put in a secure place and we had heard about sooner!

Mike S