Work Day 2nd November 2019

Most of the current work on the T86 is treating corrosion and preparation for painting, not a very interesting topic to report on. What is provided by my regular blog are the highlights.

Resealing the Radar Absorbent Material (RAM) that covers the side of the In-Flight Reference aerial is now complete. The final task, sanding the sealant to provide paint adhesion has been carried out, see accompanying photo.

T86 IF Ae Resealed wm.jpg

A second photo shows a waveguide end from the In-Flight Reference aerial. Condition is not good, obviously from water ingress, not surprising as there was no waveguide joint seal present!
T86 IF Ae WG Assy wm 6.jpg

Last week I put a first coat of paint on the rear pedestal roof edge. The paint was from the second batch of two tins of donated paint. We have used all the original two tins of paint. See the attached photo – the paint colour is different!

T86 Paint - Diff Colour wm.jpg

The two tins we are now starting to use are marked NATO Green, so the conclusion is , the first two tins were not.  NATO green is readily available and has a BS paint spec but  the NATO Green I have from a different supplier is not the same as the two donated tins we have!

The Jamming Assessment (JA) aerial is ready for re assembly. The refurbishment of the aerial gave us the opportunity to see if the offset dipole still rotates by patching mains voltage to the drive motor. It does, see accompanying video (animated GIF at 10fps).

Jamming Assessment Aerial Running.gif

The purpose of the JA aerial is to provide directional information and strength of any jamming, offset from the radar centre line. When we had stripped down and examined the construction of the aerial we were surprised at the size of the offset balance weight. Now we can see the eccentricity of the aerial reflector the lower balance weight size becomes apparent.

We didn’t run the simulator this week

Pete H

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